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Out of Town?:

Shopping from afar?  We regularly ship instruments for trial and sale throughout the United States.  For higher-end instruments, we offer a no-risk purchase option with 30-day trial guarantee.

Traveling to Atlanta?  Please feel free to stop in and visit our shop.  If you are interested in any of our inventory, our approval policy allows you to take instruments on a trial basis for up to two weeks.  For repairs, we can try and arrange to have your instrument worked on while you are in town, or can arrange to have it shipped back to you upon completion.  

If you are traveling to Atlanta, please see our map page for best directions.  If you are shipping a bow, please see below for instructions on safe shipping.  For instruments, please see our repair/restoration page for help in safely shipping your instrument.

Shipping your bow to our shop is easier than you might think!

- If you have a bow case, simply acquire a triangular shipping box from UPS or FedEx, and be sure to pad around the case so that it does not rattle around. If you do not have a bow case, the easiest thing we have found is a 3" PVC pipe section about 36" long with end caps. Once you have this tube, wrap the bow well so that it does not rattle (some bubble wrap or wadded newspaper helps greatly), pack the ends of the tube, and tape the ends shut. DO NOT use the cardboard mailing tubes that are available - they can easily bend and damage your bow.

For shipping, we have found UPS and FedEx both very reasonable and easy to use. You can print out your shipping label online - go to www.ups.com or www.fedex.com and start from there. The first time, you will have to set up an account, but after that, just go to "create a shipment" and follow directions from there (we recommend ground service). When attaching the label, make sure the barcode runs along the length of the tube, not around it. It is best to cover the label completely with clear packing tape. Once you have the label attached, you can drop it off at any UPS or FedEx location (or participating mailing store) at no additional charge. For return shipping, we charge you the shipping amount as part of your total bill. Please let us know if you require extra insurance.

We will generally be able to return ship your bow the day after we receive it, if it is just a rehair. Generally, there is one day service to/from Alabama, South Carolina and parts of North Carolina and Tennessee. Points farther will probably take two days. Remember that we are closed Sunday and Monday, and that carriers do not deliver ground shipments on Saturday. It is best to arrange your shipping so that we receive the bow in time to turn it around the next day - if we receive a bow on Friday it will not go back out until the next Tuesday.

People are often a bit nervous about sending a valuable bow - if you check with UPS/FedEx, you will see that insurance is not very expensive., .35 cents for each Hundred dollars (over the included $100 insurance). We ship daily with UPS and have virtually no problems, especially with small packages such as bows.

If you do not have a reliable rehair person in your area for bow restoration, please consider our services!

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