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For Sale

We offer a selection of bows by a variety of different makers, and carry sandalwood, pernambuco, carbon, and carbon fusion bows.  Our bows are handpicked by our bow specialist to ensure straightness and good camber.  Out of our ethical and environmental concerns, we only source our pernambuco bows from makers in Brazil, ensuring that the wood was legally purchased and handled.  This also ensures that the pernambuco wood used is always aged and cured.

Bows For Sale:

Carbon Fiber Bows

We offer a variety of lines of carbon bows including Coda, Revelle by Connolly, Jon Paul matrix, and Cadenza


Coda Bows

Non-wood bows using graphite fiber technology, available in a variety of models such as Diamond, Joule, and Marquise


Fine Antique Bows

We carry a small assortment of particularly fine antique bows. Currently available for violin: Mezin (French - $3,000).


Fine Consignment Bows

We have a select few excellent bows on consignment at any given time. Currently available for Cello: Mouton, F. (German - $1,250) Enel, Ch. (French - $7,500)


Horst John

Pernambuco bows sourced from Brazil; crafted by Brazilian makers trained by master European craftsmen


Istrings Bows

Including makers: D. Chagas, D. Neves, R. Fontanele, V. Zucchi, W.E. Dorfler, F. Cardoso, C. Sousa, Cirilo, A. Pereira, J. Pereira, M. Pereira


Jon Paul Bows

carbon, hybrid, sandalwood, ipe, and pernambuco bows Price ranges: Violin bows: $105-$1500+ Viola bows: $115-$2500+ Cello bows: $130-$3000+


JonPaul Carrera

Patterned after an exquisite Pajeot JonPaul Bows had on loan, this is their finest bow. Built into the design of the Carrera is perfect balance, weight, and flexibility, which not only enhances your techniques as a player, but creates warm, rich, and powerful tones. The distinctive appearance features a textured, “varnished” finish with elegant red-brown hues. Mounted in sterling silver with a fan-tail button, the Carrera is available in a range of strengths to compliment your needs.


L'archet Brasil

Fine, hand-crafted pernambuco wood bows from a selection of makers in Brazil.